When Miley Cyrus cautions "Aw, are my tits out?" before a performance, you know you're in for, well, something special.

Though it seemed unlikely that anything could amplify the shock value delivered by the singer's performance at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards—during which she and Robin Thicke twerked into oblivion—Cyrus came close with tonight's (August 30) VMAs closer. Sporting an eyeball-accented bodice, and with the help of Rupaul's finest Drag Queen exports, Miley tore into a rendition of...well, we're not sure exactly, but it got its point across pretty immediately:

"Yeah I smoke pot / Yeah I love peace / but I don’t give a f---/ I ain’t no hippie" she repeated to excess. Welp, guess there'll be no need to decipher the nuances later—Woodstock, you may just have a resurrection anthem on your hands.

That battle cry was just the beginning of what would amount to neon-spiced soup, though, and Miley and her squad danced through the hair-tousling wind, vogued in sky-high heels and made sure that "Do It" would remain burned into your memory for the next week.

Finally, just when it seemed like the sparkle had dissipated, Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne joined Cyrus on stage to thrust a confetti-shooting cannon between her legs and let 'er rip, as if there were a single alternative in the matter.

Check out the performance, tell us what you think and share your overall impression of this year's show!

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