Interestingly enough, both Miley Cyrus and Ryan Cabrera have donned (drastically different) bear costumes. Whose is better?

When Miley Cyrus graced the 2013 MTV VMAs stage twerking in a teddy bear onesie, jaws all around the world dropped. While we're now more adjusted to Miley's wild onstage antics, that first time we saw her in the gray, fuzzy teddy bear leotard was a moment we'll never forget. The costume (which was emblazoned with a cartoon bear's face) was a totally bold move, and one of the first moments we realized that we were no longer dealing with the Miley we used to know. Get it, lady!

Of course, the second we saw that Ryan Cabrera sent us a picture of himself lounging in a giant bear costume for his #RyanCabreraAndMe contest, we just about died. Not only does Ryan look hilariously amazing in the enormous, almost taxidermy-like ensemble, the fact that he's lounging on his bed and browsing makes it even better. (Seriously, it's been about a week and we still can't get over it.)

Whose bear costume do you like better? Vote for your favorite in the poll below!

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