Miley Cyrus covers the March 2014 issue of W, and the image leaked online. The singer is naked, but she is also totally unrecognizable. 

Given her aversion to clothes -- see the 'Wrecking Ball' and 'Adore You' videos if you need proof of her naked and sacred vibe -- her nudity is not the shocker. It's how different she looks that is so jarring.

First, she is rocking long hair, something we have not witnessed on her since summer 2012, before the chop seen 'round the world. Her winged eyeliner is also extreme, elongating her eyes to an almond shape.

She's got stacks of bangles and bracelets on her arms and tons and tons of rings. It's like a jewelry store exploded on her!

The singer is laying in bed, in crisp white sheets, which cover her lady parts. You can see her side tattoo, too. It's a stark and striking image.

Her other shots from the mag are just as striking -- we even see a little resemblance to Lady Gaga!

With her new role as the face of Marc Jacobs, nabbing a high fashion cover such as W is a big deal. Make that huge.

So what if she didn't get that Vogue cover? She got W! That's a fine consolation prize.