When Miley Cyrus took the stage at London's G.A.Y. nightclub last weekend, she infamously explained the meaning behind her hit 'Wrecking Ball,' claiming that she wrote it as an "f--- you" to someone who broke her heart and hopefully, he would "keep hearing it for the rest of his life." Of course, it was immediately assumed that she was talking about her ex fiancé Liam Hemsworth, considering they announced the end of their engagement (and three-year relationship) just a month after the song was released. But now, Cyrus has taken to Twitter to clarify her rant, claiming that she was not dissing her ex.

In a series of posts, Cyrus explains that her rant had "nothing to do with Liam," saying that she just said those things because she wanted to get the crowd pumped:

Cyrus continued to explain the situation, revealing that she said what she did because she was "tooooo turnttttt up":


Hmmm. While we agree with Miley's sentiment -- we love the fact that she doesn't want her loved ones to feel hurt by cruel words -- it's not really surprising that the world assumed she was talking about Liam Hemsworth considering she phrased the speech the way she did.

“I wrote this song after somebody broke my heart, and I just wanted to say f— you,” Cyrus announced before introducing 'Wrecking Ball.' “I wanted to write a No 1 hit, something that would be on the radio. I wanted to make sure every time he turned on the radio he would hear my song and will keep hearing it for the rest of his life.”