Miley Cyrus delivered a powerful performance of 'Wrecking Ball' on U.K. 'X Factor' this weekend, and she did so without any twerking, nudity, teddy bears, mallet-licking, little people ... are we missing anything?

Perhaps taking a cue from frenemy Selena Gomez, Cyrus appropriated some culture from the East, this time an Arab-inspired headpiece and a (relatively) modest gold dress for the performance, singing in front of a desert-like backdrop.

The performance was simple, and the vocals on point. What makes this special? Cyrus insisted to producers that they let her sing live and not prerecord her segment.

That was a point of contention for Cyrus and the show's producers, who were terrified of what sort of stunts she'd pull after her VMA and EMA debacles.

"Miley has been read the riot act and told it’s a family show and none of her recent behavior will be acceptable," a source told the Daily Star (via SugarScape). “She has been banned from smoking, swearing, twerking provocatively or implying any kind of sex act while on stage. She has been warned her performance will be cut short if she breaks any of the rules.”

Apparently the show was booked way before Cyrus' 2013 VMA twerkfest and EMA smokefest, and as a result, it was too late to bail on her completely. We're glad it worked out -- she sounded great!