A mom has taken to TikTok to express her frustration over a cake she had decorated for her son's birthday.

TikTok user babygirl0s0 wants an explanation for how an H-E-B store could mess up making a cake to look like a Minion from the animated movie "Despicable Me." H-E-B is a Texas-based grocery store.

"This is the ugliest f-----g thing I've ever seen,"she says in the video that now has more than 14 million views. "This is so not what I asked for and his party is tomorrow."

Not did they flub the design, the mom says the finished product looks nothing like the photo she showed them of a Minion cake on Pinterest that she was hoping they'd use as inspiration.

The photo shows a neatly-designed birthday cake with a near-perfect depiction of the animated character.

"She even asked me 'do you want it to be like ombre with some blue into yellow'" the TikToker said recounting her conversation with the store employee. "No. Straight blue, straight yellow, big swirls. I want it to be swirls."

When it was time to pick up the cake, the mom got something that wasn't even close to the photos she showed for inspiration. In fact, it really didn't look a Minion at all.

She still took the cake home thinking that she could "fix" it. Judging by the video, it have been best to just start over.

"It looks like a beach themed hamburger" one TikTok user commented on the video.

Others said they wouldn't have taken it home from the store.

The mom did end up turning the cake into something resembling a Minion. Here's what the cake looked like on the day of the party:

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