To all of you Miranda Sings fans existing out there in the world, you're probably already well aware of the news we're about to bestow upon you, but on the off chance you haven't been online much today, let us be the first ones to unveil Miranda's latest announcement. According to a video she posted today (Feb. 25), Miranda is not only quitting YouTube (more on that later), but she's written a book that's currently available for pre-order.

The video she posted explains what's going on in pretty good detail, as Miranda says, "I am, indeed, quitting YouTube. I have a new career path now. I have become a author. I have written my very own book, a real book! I'm not kidding. It's very exciting news, I can't believe this is happening to me. I'm the very first YouTuber in the history of time to write a book and sell it." We all know she's totally kidding about being the first YouTuber to write a book and sell it, but that's part of her humor.

She goes on to encourage fans to pre-order the book, which is called Selp-Helf, since it won't actually be out for purchase until July. In case you were wondering what the book is about Miranda says, "I'm going to teach you guys how to be better people in a world full of porn and disgusting things that are here in America and all over the universe. So basically the book is me teaching you guys everything you need to know about love, relationships, career, money, wiping, etc." Sounds informative.

She also addresses the idea of quitting YouTube, letting fans know that she's officially an author first and foremost, and won't be posting anymore videos, except for twice a week like she usually does.

Check out the video above!

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