Miranda Sings has another new video for us, and this time she's prank calling her fans. After posting to Twitter "How do I prank call u?", she was apparently inundated with quite a few phone numbers, and chose a select few to call.

The first doesn't go so well -- the guy she calls can't seem to hear her, so she gives up and hangs up on him. Thankfully, the rest of the calls go relatively well -- from Natalie, who gets so overwhelmed by the fact that Miranda called her that she almost starts crying and asks Miranda to kiss her through the phone, to Taylor who is totally exasperated that Miranda is calling her.

Check out the video above to see Miranda prank call some fans. Are you totally jealous? Were you one of the fans she prank called? Do you frequently hand out your phone number on social media? We want to know the answer to all of these questions!

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