YouTuber Miranda Sings is back with an appropriately themed Christmas video. She recently posted about the gifts she got, and from the looks of things, she is not happy.

Highlights include: Miranda having a temper tantrum over getting a book by another YouTuber, complaining about receiving a mug that has her face on it because it could break and hurt her and, our favorite, when she mistakes magic grow dinosaurs for 'drugs.' Miranda hates the 'drugs' so much that she's actually holding a contest to give them away, so if you want to win them all you have to do is tweet a photo of you liking her video along with a link to the video, and be sure to include the hashtag #MirandasWorstChristmasEver.

Not everything was a waste, though, as she did seem to seriously appreciate one special gift: The ‘Crafting with Cat Hair’ book was a total success, which we completely understand.

There's no way we can do justice in really describing the video, so check it out above and let us know what you think!

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