Update: Mischa Barton apologized for her July 7 Instagram post that featured an ill-chosen image of the actress drinking wine on a boat alongside a caption about the shooting of Alton Sterling.

In a series of tweets on July 8, Barton shared a photo of Sterling with his three kids and their mother, tweeted a sign reading "if you are not angry you are not paying attention," and expressed her condolences over the shooting of 11 police officers in Dallas on Thursday night.

"My heart goes out to the families of the innocent police officers who were shot in the line of duty," Barton wrote. She also offered the mea culpa below.

Original post: The killing of Alton Sterling, the Louisiana man shot to death on July 5 while being held down by police in front of a convenience store, has reawakened the ongoing dialogue about police officers' treatment of black Americans in pretty much every U.S. state. Sterling's death, which was caught on video, saddened and frustrated those who feel it reflects a deadly, racist pattern that's gone unchecked for too long. Many celebrities, including Drake, have chimed in with their concerns, to varying degrees of success.

Actress/Dancing With the Stars alum Mischa Barton tried to as well, and failed miserably.

To be fair: This is a complicated issue with no easy answers, and with emotions running high it can be tough to put feelings about it into words! Particularly on social media, where everything lives on for all eternity, and one person may accuse your views of not being "woke" enough while another's typing a weirdly defensive ALL LIVES MATTER comment in all caps. Mischa did try to speak from the heart in the caption to her now-deleted July 7 Instagram post; it reads like a genuine attempt to express worries over the fact that "the world is a precarious place right now," and also her wish for gun control...and unity...and also something about elections. Well-meaning if jumbled thoughts, all.

Unfortunately, she chose to post the message with a photo of herself in a bikini on a yacht, staring mournfully into a near-empty glass of rosé. Why, Mischa, whyyyy?

Instead of sharing a photo of Sterling himself, or a thought-provoking quote from a black American scholar or activist like Roxane Gay or Deray McKesson, or anything remotely related to the matter at hand, she posted a borderline cartoonish portrait of her own far-removed privilege. She looked either vaguely sullen, or the sun was just in her eyes. This tone-deaf choice prompted one commenter to ask, "are you out of your goddamn mind?"

Though Barton soon deleted the post, the internet never forgets. In addition to flooding earlier Instagram quotes with irate remarks, Barton's critics weighed in on Twitter — read a roundup below.

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