Consider yourself warned — do NOT watch the above video if you've got no tolerance for gore. Stars from Teen Wolf, Finding CarterAwkwardFaking ItRidiculousness and The Challenge are guests at the worst party ever in the brilliant teaser for MTV's upcoming Scream TV series.

The spot opens on Awkward actress Ashley Rickards, and quickly reveals that her throat is gushing with blood. As the camera pans over Holland Roden, Molly Tarlov and more MTV regulars — all eerily limp, lifeless and covered in guts — it's clear that what started as an innocent good time turned into a bloodbath...and those pizzas in the kitchen will never be consumed.

Just as we're coping with the image of Tyler Posey murdered with a butcher knife (how're you gonna do Scott McCall like that?!) a finger presses the door bell outside. Who's at the door? It's the cast of Scream the series, seemingly obvious to the fact that they should turn around and go see a movie instead. Scream actor John Karna gets to deliver the deadpan (sorry) punchline at the end. You can watch the whole clip above — but again, it isn't for the faint of heart.

The teaser is set to a 2004 indie gem — "It Just Is" from Rilo Kiley's excellent More Adventurous — which is an unexpected and inspired choice on MTV's part. According to EW, the plot centers around a group of friends in the town of Lakewood, where a viral YouTube video leads to a murder that recalls a past killing spree. EW also reports that the iconic ghost-face mask will not appear. Apparently, the killer's disguise is gonna be way creepier than that. SOLD.

You can catch the premiere of MTV's Scream on Tuesday, June 30 at 10 p.m. ET., and you can hear the full version of Rilo Kiley's "It Just Is" below.

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