If you're a fan of the slasher franchise Scream and you also appreciate the current Hollywood trend of remaking literally every mildly successful movie or TV show that has ever come out, you're in luck! The popular movie Scream has been made into a television show, set to air on MTV this coming summer.

The trailer for the show debuted during the 2015 MTV Movie Awards and was introduced by the show's star, Bella Thorne. She said, "So much fresh blood and so many dead sexy stars. In 1997, an iconic slasher film massacred the competition to win Movie of the Year. Now, MTV is bring it back as an awesomely bloody weekly series that I'm just dying to show you."

The awards show then played a clip of the upcoming series, which is set to take place among a group of teenagers, just like the original movie. A few minutes later, an ad for the show aired during a commercial break, this time with a satirical spin. The voiceover made fun of common horror movie tropes present in the trailer ("It always begins in a cute little town, but the moody music and gravelly announcer telling us 'This summer,' means we're watching a movie trailer"), so at least they're self-aware.

You can check out the trailer for the series above. Be sure to check out the show when Scream airs on MTV on June 30.

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