Nas' life may be good, but it's about to get complicated. The New York emcee has been slapped with a whopping $10 million lawsuit by a New Jersey promoter for not showing up for two concerts in the South African nation of Angola.

According to New York Daily News, promoter Patrick Allocco filed a breach of contract lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court on Friday (Dec. 21) and is seeking compensatory damages. In the suit, Allocco claims that Nas was scheduled to perform two New Year's Day concerts in Luanda, the nation's capital, but instead attended LeBron James' engagement party in Miami.

Nas and budding rapper Jamiah Jai, who was supposed to be the opening act, received upfront fees of $300,000 and $15,000, respectively. So when Nas was a no-show, Allocco had to cancel the concerts.

Afterward, Allocco claims that he and his son, Patrick, Jr., were allegedly kidnapped at gunpoint and held hostage in Angola for 50 days by Angolan police who refused to let them go until the money was returned.

Thankfully, after the U.S. State Department got involved, Nas and Jai eventually refunded the money. In February 2012, Allocco and his son were finally released from captivity.

This incident reads like a script from an action movie but apparently this really did happen. So far, Nas' attorney had no comment on the matter.

This is one helluva lawsuit. Hopefully, Nas and the promoter can settle this amicably.

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