This face!

There are honors and then there are H-O-N-O-R-S. One Direction singer Niall Horan's handsome mug will be featured on the Gar in 2014. What's the Gar? Oh, it's just the tourism currency in his hometown of Mullingar in Ireland. So when we say Niall Horan is "money," he's literally money!

The Gar is unique tourism currency that was launched in 2011. The first note featured writer James Joyce, who referenced the town in his works. John Joe Nevin, a silver medalist and boxer in the Olympics, replaced Joyce in the summer of 2012.

Now, the Mullingar Chamber has decided to put Horan's insanely attractive visage on the bills for 2014, according to a local paper in the region.

It's a strategic economic move, since the town hopes that Directioners will venture to Mullingar and spend some time, and some of the Niall Horan Gar, while there.

Directioners, make a pilgrimage to Mullingar and spend some Niall Horan dough while there. And save this ephemera for your collection of 1D memorabilia,

Some pop stars win Grammys or rack up 40 million Twitter followers. Niall Horan trumps them all that with his own freakin' money. Dat's money, yo!