Nick Jonas has found a way the perfect way to win over his girlfriend Olivia Culpo's mother! He went to church with her. That's how you know he's a keeper.

Jonas is dating the 2012 Miss Universe and he met her family for the first time this past weekend in Rhode Island -- a celeb hub, it feels like, with Taylor Swift purchasing a mansion in the state. Little Nicky J took in church services with the family.

Susan Culpo said, "He actually came to church with us on Sunday. It may seem a bit unusual, but not to him." He certainly wound up in Mrs. Culpo's good graces, as she further gushed, "He’s a fine kid. He’s only 20, so I call him a kid. We had such a great time."

They also visited local eatery Iggy's Doughboys and Chowder House, noshing on burgers, chowder and more. Nick and Olivia, who is 21, were only there for two days, but they appear to have made the most of it with church and food.

Mrs. Culpo weighed in on the coupling, stating that while "they’re very young," Nick is "a fine young man." She believes the relationship is largely casual at this point, saying, “I think she’s having fun. They’re just getting to know each other. They’re in the beginning stages. So who knows where it goes from here. But they are interested in each other and definitely like each other. Good taste on Olivia’s part."

We agree.