It's hard to imagine the charming and seemingly laid-back Nick Jonas getting envious, but those emotions are exactly what he croons about in his new track, 'Jealous.'

The single is decidedly more upbeat than the sultry 'Chains,' but still shows off a more mature side of Nick. There's definitely some old-school vibes on the record, garnering comparison from Marvin Gaye to Prince.

In the track, Nick describes the conflicting feelings he experiences when another man looks at his girl. He acknowledges that she's undeniably beautiful -- but that can't stop him from getting a little bit jealous.

"I turn my cheek, music up / And I’m puffing my chest / I’m getting ready to face you / Can call me obsessed," Nick sings.

And while a nip from the green-eyed monster doesn't necessarily bring out the best side in a person, Nick's charm shows through. There's a positivity to the song that makes it infectious, rather than aggressive. And hey, who wouldn't want to daydream about Nick Jonas getting overprotective?

Listen to 'Jealous' in the video above!

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