Nick Jonas visuals and beautiful girls just seem to go together little peanut butter and jelly. Following his music videos for "Close" and "Chainsaw," starring Swedish pop star Tove Lo and Victoria's Secret supermodel Sara Sampaio respectively, the artist has dropped the video for his latest single, "Under You." And, as is status quo, it stars another gorgeous celebrity: Shay Mitchell.

Released on Friday (June 10) alongside the debut of his new album, Last Year Was Complicated, the clip envisions Nick and Shay in a passionate love affair. And the hot and heavy relationship is a, well, complicated one: Bedrooms are trashed. Rain storms are driven through, recklessly. And showers get steamed up by make-out sessions.

Shortly before filming the clip back in August of 2015, the Pretty Little Liars star told Teen Vogue how excited she was to work with the former Jonas Brother.

"I knew Joe Jonas, but I’d never met Nick in person," Shay told the magazine. "And so when I got the call, and they were like, 'Nick is doing this music video off his new album, and we want you to be part of it.' I listened to the song. Right away, I was like, 'I don’t care if I’m in the video or not, but this is my new favorite song!' It’s so good. All of the songs off his album are so amazing. And when he described to me how he saw the vision of the video to be, it’s like a mini-movie"

Luckily, the feeling was mutual for Nick. On Friday, the singer told E! News how perfectly suited he felt the actress was for the video.

"Shay is amazing," he gushed. "She's obviously gorgeous and an amazing person. I think she's matches her beauty in her personality. She's really sweet. She was willing to dig really deep in the video. It's an emotional song and required pretty intense acting situations as well. I thought she killed it."

You can view the music video exclusively on TIDAL now.

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