Looks like Nicki Minaj has gone pop after all -- but not the way you're thinking.

Known for big hair, big hits and big curves, the Harajuku Barbie can add a big endorsement deal to the mix. The 'Roman Reloaded' rapper is the pink-lipsticked face of Pop, a new Pepsi beverage, and it's earning her a cool seven figures.

Minaj filmed a commercial for Pop last month. Derek Jackson of the Glu Agency, who brokered Lil Wayne's deal with Mountain Dew (also owned by Pepsi), told Forbes about the project. “You’ll see the commercial probably in the next two months. That’ll be a segue into a new beverage Pepsi has, called ‘Pop,’ and she’ll be the face of the brand … it’s going to be explosive.”

The male and female Weezy aren't the only Cash Money rappers repping for sodas. Drake is a spokesman for Sprite, owned by Pepsi's rival, Coca-Cola.

Considering Minaj's typical theatrics and vivid visuals, we can't wait to see this commercial! Check out the preview below.

Watch Nicki Minaj Filming Her Pepsi Pop Commercial