Check the forecast for frost — Ofelia K.'s newest single, which PopCrush premieres below, takes the quirky wonder of the singer's Plastic Flower EP and wilts it beyond recognition.

"Bad Boys," which will appear on the L.A. artist's forthcoming EP, tells the woeful tale of betrayal and a relationship's sullying. The verses — soft, vulnerable and a bit broken — center on tarnished love, but Ofelia told PopCrush its heart speaks to something more universal.

"Everyone has had toxic relationships in their lives, I'm not just talking about romantic ones," she said. "The kind of relationships that aren’t healthy or righteous, but somehow we slip into them and have a hard time getting ourselves out. To me this song is about suffering in silence while putting on a facade."

That suffering becomes powerful and cinematic as the song evolves, and while Ofelia describes "Bad Boys" as "raw," its strings and slow progressions are commanding. "The guard is off-duty again / He always leaves the door wide open / And even though it's wrong, you go inside," she stirringly recalls in the tune, in a true departure from what's she's previously released.

"I love having quirky and fun elements in my music, but this song is very hopeless and it didn’t call for those things," she said. "For this one, we focused on elements of beauty and creating the right world for the lyrics to live in. The song itself has always felt cinematic to me and the production supports that."

Listen to "Bad Boys" above.

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