An old man candy salad is going viral thanks to their wild contributions.

The trend started on TikTok and involves a group of people each bringing a bag of candy to add to a bowl to share.

Typically, the candy consists of goodies like gummy worms, Nerds, Sour Patch Kids and more.

However, these old men from Brooklyn, N.Y. lived up to every stereotype about elders' taste in flavors.

The first man up dumped in a bag of Werther's caramels, while the second man in line added literal cough drops to the pile.

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An adorable man named Steve brought some fruit-flavored candies and another man dumped in some lemon candy.

Meanwhile, one guy brought possibly the wildest contribution with fiber capsules.

Another guy was on the same wavelength as the fiber capsule man and brought dried plums to the party.

"Forgot the stool softener," the video's caption joked.

The video has now become one of the most-viewed candy salad video with over 19 million views.

"The cough drops and fiber capsules really completed the candy salad," one viewer said with a red heart.

"This is a weird candy salad but so adorable," another person commented.

"Nah fiber capsules is actually crazy," someone else wrote in the comments.

"Not the fiber capsules followed by the dried plums," another person agreed.

"The fiber pills, he was really looking out for the crew," one viewer said.

"Cough drop as candy is insane work," someone else laughed.

"Thats a medicine salad," one viewer joked.

Others noticed that some of the men had seemingly already dipped into their candy stash before adding it to the heap.

"That's dude had like 4 lemon candies left hahahaha. Best Candy salad I've seen yet," one person pointed out.

Meanwhile, some people got emotional over this particular candy salad.

"I’m about to cry. I want to hug them all," someone said.

"Grandpa candy salad. Oh my heart," another person said.

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