Here at PopCrush, we obsess over all things pop just as much as our readers do. Every Friday, you’ll be able to get to know us a little bit better as we gush about our personal favorite pop culture-related things at this very moment. Read on to find out what our Staff Editor, Maggie Malach, is crushing on this week!

One Direction's New Single

I'm not afraid to admit that as a 25-year-old woman, a One Direction power ballad can make me weak in the knees. (I mean, really, anything 1D-related can make me weak in the knees. #ZaynsEyes.) When I found out that One Direction's new single would be 'You and I,' I immediately put it on repeat.

While this is no 'Story of My Life' or 'More Than This,' it shows a vulnerability and softness in the boys that hasn't truly been highlighted since 'Little Things.' It didn't take long for me to completely be on board with 'You and I' as the next single off of 'Midnight Memories.'

Lorde's Fashion Magazine Cover

Trust me, I love Lorde's fierce lipstick choices. She's perfected the vampy plum lip, and that is not an easy task. However, I love, love, love her new, fresh-faced look on the cover of Fashion magazine.

Full disclosure, I'm obsessed with the entire cover. That dress? Ohmygah. But Lorde is glowing from within and that's the kind of beauty I like the best. BRB, pausing 'You and I' to put 'Pure Heroine' on repeat forever.

Emma Stone's Hidden Talent

The whole wide world knows Emma Stone is talented. (Seriously, being able to pull off being a redhead and being a blonde is an accomplishment in itself.) But Emma proved she has yet another reason we should love her when she demonstrated how she can perfectly forge all five Spice Girls' autographs.

YES. It happened.