'Opening Act' went country on tonight's (July 23) episode. The think tank was looking for an artist to open for country megastar Jason Aldean and they uncovered curly cued brunette Kylie Morgan, 16, who speaks out against bullying and even wrote a song inspired by a teen named Phoebe Prince who committed suicide because she was bullied. The spunky teen with the infectious smile was offered the chance to open a Aldean/Luke Bryan show in Birmingham, Alabama, and appeared to be ready for her close up from the get-go.

Morgan has a unique voice, but it's her eyes, which light up when she performs, that make her a full package entertainer. She has an amazing presence, which you can't manufacture. The songwriting and producer faction of the think tank worked with Morgan, helping her learn to use her songs to tell stories. They encouraged her to share everything that's on the inside so that her audience and fans can connect with her words and her music. Learning to be vulnerable is hard, as Morgan quickly learns.

Since her music has a message, thanks to her anti-bullying campaign, it was critical that Morgan learn to open up to get the point across.

She breaks down to the confessional camera when on her own, since, remember, she is all of 16-years-old and has been thrust in a high-pressure situation. She meets Dierks Bentley and he gives her encouragement and some advice.

Her biggest fear on show day is forgetting lyrics, but her qualms are quelled with a makeover.

All in all, Morgan feels further along and a little more developed than previous opening acts on the shows. She just needed help polishing off her performance, but there was never the fear that she would take the stage and do a big huge belly flop or turn in an epic fail of a perf.

The end result was pretty flawless.