Time to fly. It's been months of teasing, casting announcements and sneak peaks. And at long last, NBC is unfurling 'Peter Pan Live!' The magical musical inspired by the beloved J.M. Barrie book is coming to life with 'Girls' actress Allison Williams as the titular flying boy, and Christopher Walken as a dancing but dastardly Captain Hook. By our count there's only one way to celebrate such an extraordinary TV event. Behold our GIF review!

So last year, NBC brought us 'The Sound of Music Live!' It drew ratings. It drew notice. And it drew loads of haters. (Sorry, Carrie Underwood!) But we're suspecting better things this time around, largely because it's Allison Williams. She's been hilarious on 'Girls.' She was enchanting singing the 'Mad Men' theme. And she's been prepping for this part since she was three. Get it, girl!

We begin with the Darlings readying for bedtime. And...Wendy's nightgown is fancier than most of the dresses I own. It's cool.

Enter Peter Pan! "Oh the cleverness of me!" OK, I get he's conceited, but I totally get where Wendy's coming from.

I think part of Peter's costume comes from Hannah's closet. I approve.

Just in case you don't already know the story of 'Peter Pan,' please allow Melissa Joan Hart and her WalMart bumpers to spoil it as we go. Clarissa! No need to explain it all anymore. Give it a break!

Christopher Walken singing. In an "English" accent. It's so strange and yet it's...

Whoa! Wendy's Dad IS Mr. Smee.

I'm sure that crocodile is meant to be whimsical. Its colors are lovely. Yet that Cirque du Soleil-style suit is electric nightmare fuel.

But I could watch the pirates caper and dance for hours. Tra-la-la-LA!

Pretty sure Tiger Lily cribbed her look from Nicki Minaj. No shade. It werks.

Hm. This lagoon cruise reminds me of a certain other fairy tale with kissing and mermaids.

Finally! Pan versus Hook!

In between commercials, these random bits of Hook holding a note in some random song... I'm not the only one seeing them, right? They are not some weird and wonderful fever dream. Right?!

OK. Is it just me, or are Tiger Lily's tribesmen reeeeeeeally hot?

Peter sings about his mother closing the window, shutting him out, and I'm not crying. YOU'RE CRYING!

Walken's Hook calls Wendy a "Feisty vixen!" Now I am forever jealous of actress Taylor Louderman.

What I would've given to see Walken go down the treehouse's slide!

Don't pretend you didn't clap along to save Tinker Bell.

Wendy just threw her own father overboard. Ship just got real.

Oh no. The ticking of that blasted nightmare croc!

Socks and an army of brothers. Wendy all grown up, and Peter heartbroken. Now Peter's not crying either.

Looking at Twitter, the reactions to 'Peter Pan Live!' are mixed. But to Williams and her Lost Boys, I say:

Shine on, you crazy diamonds.