We all know that the new movie 'Spring Breakers,' starring Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, two former Disney princesses, is an against type film for both actresses. They play co-eds in search of a good time during spring break, but they get into some bad trouble on the way there.

Now, a photo that purports to be The Hudge snorting coke off a topless Gomez has circulated on the web.

Before you go "Whoa," chillax, fanboys frantically searching for uncensored version. It's likely a fake.

This is the first time such a racy photo has surfaced, which makes it seem far-fetched. The subject of Gomez dropping her top in the film has never even been mentioned, and such a notion would have come up sooner, especially since the girls are currently promoting it overseas.

Sel has made no bones about the fact that she was doing something new and doesn't want her younger fans to see the film because of its mature content, but we don’t think she would go from her wholesome image to being totally topless in a film. It's too big of a leap.

Also, it would have been mentioned at this point, as well, by the media that's seen the film in order to review it or by the cast during press and promotion.

The lovely ladies of 'Spring Breakers' are of course bikini-clad for much of the movie so the fanboys can gawk at them on the big screen.

The girls party. They get into trouble. But that doesn't mean they use one another as drug paraphernalia.

It might look real, due to the bikinis and the set up, but the wonders of PhotoShop and digital editing are not to be underestimated.

Watch the 'Spring Breakers' Trailer