We imagine that Pitbull must not be too thrilled with the fact that his album 'Global Warming' has been leaked. Because let's face it, what artist actually appreciates that?

On the upside, the album, which features collaborations with Usher, the Wanted, and then some, also features pretty awesome tracks with Jennifer Lopez and Christina Aguilera.

'Drinks For You (Ladies Night)' is the name of the J. Lo track, and if you hate this kind of music, just prepare yourself -- you're going to hear this on repeat over and over and over again. The beat is catchy from the get-go and the opening kind of reminds us of 'Video Killed the Radio Star' by the Buggles from back in the '80s. Also, it's not as in-your-face and loud as a typical Pitbull track; instead, he opts for a more subtle tone that's as contagious as ever.

"I done had a long week / Now it's time to celebrate," repeats Lopez on the track, and despite the single-lined hook, it's the one line of the song we find ourselves repeating. Why? Because it's going to make for an awesome Twitter status and Facebook update, of course!

Meanwhile, he takes a similar route for his Christina Aguilera-featured tune 'Feel This Moment.' The song starts off with a beat that may sound familiar, since it's a totally synthed-out version of the '80s classic 'Take on Me' by A-ha. Sounds like Pitbull really did go back in time when he was looking for inspiration for his latest batch of tracks!

On the high-energy chorus, Xtina belts out "One day when the light is glowing / I'll be in my castle, golden / But until the gates are open / I just wanna feel this moment," before she really lets it roar with a series of "woahhh's." 

What do you think of the tracks? Listen below, and you can expect 'Global Warming' to officially impact on Nov. 16.

Listen to Pitbull feat. Jennifer Lopez 'Drinks for Your (Ladies Night)'

Listen to Pitbull, 'Feel This Moment' Feat. Christina Aguilera