After 45 days of public outcry, George Zimmerman has been officially charged with second-degree murder in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. While the 28-year-old Florida man was a in court today (April 12) being arraigned on charges, Miami rapper Plies dropped his tribute video for Trayvon Martin called 'We Are Trayvon.'

In the Gabriel Hart-directed clip, Plies and members of the Florida community are hooded up and holding cans of iced tea and bags of Skittles in memory of the late 17-year-old teen. Their hoodies solemnly reads, "17 and unarmed" and "We are Trayvon."

Elsewhere, Plies -- who was also wearing a hat that reads "Justice" -- recites his elegiac message next to a painting of Trayvon. "I've never thought wearing no hoodie / Can 'cause you your life / And I never thought you just kill somebody and get out in the same night," he raps. He then adds, "What's right is right / What's wrong is wrong / Trayvon Martin you will forever live on."

The heartfelt video ends on a touching note with Plies releasing several doves in the sky at sunset. We have to give props to Plies for stepping up and producing a song in tribute to Trayvon Martin.

May the Martin family finally gets some justice (and possibly closure) from this tragic incident.

Watch the Plies 'We Are Trayvon' Video