"Pay close attention," Jason Derulo says just before he shows us his go-to dance move. 'The Other Side' crooner stopped by the PopCrush office to play a game of Pop the Question. He throws darts… and answers silly questions. The end result? We find out a lot more about Jason Derulo than he probably planned on sharing.

We have to admit, we would never in a million years want to battle him on the dance floor… but a game of darts? We could take him. The extremely fit singer (seriously, read about his workout regimen below!) missed more than a few balloons in the beginning, but he was cool as a cucumber, persistently throwing until he nailed a few.

He told us about his biggest pet peeve and his weirdest celebrity encounter, the latter involving a public bathroom, where he was "doin' [his] bidness," when something not-so-great happens.

Derulo also shared who he'd like to play him in a movie about his life. We'll give you a hint: The actor recently walked around town in an Iron Man costume!

Jason also sat down and talked to us about the fateful day he broke his C2 vertebrae while rehearsing for his world tour. "I was doing all kinds of acrobatics… I had rehearsed for about an hour, for some reason I slipped doing a back tuck… I had done 100 that day, and I landed on my head because I bailed in the middle, and I layed on the floor for about two minutes. It was very scary."

After a few hours of sitting in the hospital waiting room, and he was finally able to see a doctor, who told him he would need surgery immediately and to basically rest for an entire year. But his recovery is only short of a miracle, as you can see in the lyric video for the latest single 'The Other Side,' where he dance improvises the entire time. He even stood on his head during his live performance on 'Dancing With the Stars'!

But he took his recovery seriously, just like his workout routine: "I'll be in the gym for four hours sometimes…I stretch now, I used to not stretch at all… I'll do four sets of pull-ups, four sets of upside-down push-ups, and then I'll start working out with weights." He adds, "I do circuit training… I just try and switch it up every time… sometimes it's just danc[ing]."

As for his third studio album, expect standouts produced by RedOne and Dr. Luke, as well as some surprise collaborations. Oh, and what about an International tour? "[I will] do the tour that I was planning on doing before [my next injury] and a step further. It's good, because there's so much more material now."

Jason -- we can't wait!

Jason Derulo Pop the Question

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