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CLC aren't exactly "new" — but their edgy group concept and line-up certainly is.

The seven-piece troupe, short for CrystaL Clear (just go with it!), is one of Cube Entertainment's leading troupes today in South Korea. They've got an excellent new mini-album out today (Jan. 17) called Crystyle — but let's rewind real quick.

Like many K-Pop girl groups, the troupe launched in 2015 with a slightly different formation: five members, to be exact. Their image was super cutesy and girlish, as evidenced by debut singles like the horn-heavy "Pepe" and their synth-y throwback "Eighteen."

Their debut efforts, from 2015's First Love to last year's Nu.Clear , were cute, but fairly unremarkable.

Two years — and two new members — later, the group returned at the top of 2017 with a "badass" comeback image, channeling their inner Harley Quinn with weapons, fiercely fashion-forward outfits (and glitter freckles!) and cocky choreography in the all-around killer "Hobgoblin," which plays like 4minute's "Crazy" meets Madonna's "Bitch I'm Madonna." (The sonic similarity is no accident, either: the track was co-written by 4Minute Queen, HyunA.)

With a void left in the K-Pop girl group scene left by more assertive, unphuckwitable acts like 2NE1 and 4minute, CLC might just be the ones to pick up the torch — err, spiked bat — and lead the charge. Smash it up, ladies.

Check out the video for "Hobgoblin" up top, and take a listen to their whole Crystyle mini-album on Spotify and Apple Music.

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