We already know that the members of Portugal. The Man can't keep their hands to themselves, but apparently that goes for opinions, too.

When Jonas Brothers dropped their hit comeback single "Sucker" earlier this week, the indie pop group gave it a listen. And they had some thoughts. Namely, that the song sounded an awful lot like their 2017 smash, "Feel It Still."

"To be fair, the chorus of Feel It Still sounds very similar to Please Mister Postman by the Marvellettes... Which we respectfully cleared and thanked them for every chance we got. As one does. @jonasbrothers" the band tweeted, after retweeting a litany of messages from fans with similar views.

Cold. Blooded.

One intensely supportive fan wrote "The new @jonasbrothers song sounds so much like @portugaltheman’s Feel it Still and if you disagree, you’re going to hell" while another decided to take a funnier approach, tweeting: "Jonas Brothers new song should be called 'Feel It. Steal'"

However, there are fans of P.TM who don't agree with the band's hot take.

"disagree wholeheartedly i’m sorry," one fan responded to the Portlanders' tweet. "and i was front row for your show at @MoPopFestival like i love you but they’re not the same. you’re going to have to go after more than their beat and the tone of nick’s voice." Another wrote "I feel like their song isn’t a direct rip off of yours, however I can see where they both draw their inspiration from the same influences (such as this song) - both fantastic songs IMHO."

Do you think "Sucker" is ripping off "Feel It Still"? Listen to both below and let us know!

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