Post Malone and Jackass star Steve-O have a history of tattooing each other, but for Steve-O's 50th birthday, the musician gave the stuntman a NSFW tattoo he'll have a hard time forgetting, and apparently that's on purpose.

For this special occasion, Posty drew a big penis and balls over Steve-O's right eyebrow with a pair of "drops" just to the side of his eye.

Why Steve-O Got a Penis Facial Tattoo

In sharing the tattooing through TMZ, Steve-O revealed there was a very specific reason for agreeing to the tattoo. "Let me tell you why I got it," says Steve-O. "It's to see how long before I'd tap out and get it lazered off. I'm determined to make it at least through my whole next tour which starts this Friday."

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Get a closer look at the tattoo, which Post Malone gave to Steve-O backstage at the Bonnaroo Festival, in the TMZ-shared video below.

Post Malone Gives Steve-O a NSFW Facial Tattoo (Video via TMZ)

Steve-O in 2024

As stated, Steve-O's new facial tattoo ties in to his current comedy tour. Dates begin June 21 and run through Aug. 17. All dates, cities and venues along with ticketing info can be found through Steve-O's website.

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