Justin Bieber's cars aren't the only thing Lil Twist abuses and treats with little to no respect. The rapper apparently threw a party at the singer's Calabasas mansion two weeks ago, with lots of beer and weed being served. The Biebs was not there to, uh, celebrate since he was touring Europe.

TMZ posted photos from the bash, which was hosted by Twist and a friend. They supposedly invited 40 girls to the crib on March 19, and a few dudes, too.

The pics show a hookah pipe and dozens of beer bottles, among other things. There's also a pool table with JB's initials stamped on the purple fabric.

A guest at the party said she left at 2AM and things were still raging when she did.

These parties were referenced during Spitgate – The Biebs is currently battling a neighbor over the fact that he was recklessly racing a Ferrari down residential streets, which lead to a confrontation, an exchange of words and saliva. The neighbor said The Biebs spit in his face; the singer denies this. The neighbors also said that parties were being thrown in The Biebs' absence, which did not annoy them as much as the careless and dangerous driving.

But back to Lil Twist. At the center of most Bieber controversies this year is Twist. He was the one pulled over in the Ferrari on New Year's Day when a paparazzo was struck and killed. He also damaged the Fisker Karma and left the scene of the accident.

We think The Biebs needs to stop letting Twist disrespect his property and maybe put the kibosh on this friendship. It's causing him nothing but trouble. It's also not doing anything for Twist's rep, either. He's certainly coming across as a troublemaker. What if kids under 18 were at this party and something happened? It would be JB's fault, even though he was thousands of miles of way, since it's his property.

We've said a million times and we'll say it once more with feeling -- where the heck are Pattie Mallette, Jeremy Bieber and Scooter Braun right now? Guys, it's TIME for an intervention.

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