Angel Grove, California temporarily shifted to a glitzy Los Angeles theater last night (March 23) when the new stars of Power Rangers joined the series' original actors for a surprise reunion that would have had Alpha 5 screeching Ay-yi-yi. 

The new film, which opens in theaters on March 24 (that's 22 years after the original feature film, if you're keeping score) stars Becky G, Elizabeth Banks and Bill Hader, who all showed up in their Mighty Morphin' finery. David Yost, Amy Jo Johnson, Jason David Frank, Walter Jones and Austin St. John, who played the very first Rangers, also arrived in an act that will most definitely have fans buzzing — especially since they recreated their original morphing poses. Tyrannosaurus, etc.!

Check out some of the best shots from the Power Rangers premiere red carpet, read PopCrush's exclusive interview with the original Power Rangers cast and catch the movie in theaters tomorrow!

PopCrush Interview The Original Pink Ranger, Amy Jo Johnson:

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