The 'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5 premiere will be here before you know it and since the cast and crew is in the midst of filming, directing and writing, we have plenty of information to prepare ourselves for the newest season.

So what do Spoby, Lucas and an epic kiss all have in common?

They're all featured in Season 5, of course! Albeit in various episodes.

According to executive producer Marlene King, Spoby will take center stage in episode 5x02 when they have their hopefully epic reunion.

When one discouraged Spoby fan lamented that news was slim on the couple, King wrote back:

Now if only we knew what secret these two are hiding!

Fan favorite Lucas (who we really missed in Season 4) will also be returning to the show, first in the Season 5 premiere and again during episode 5x06.

Janel Parrish (who plays Mona) shared a photo of herself, Lucas and the returned Jenna, along with Aria herself, on Instagram, adorably captioning the snap, "I mean. I just love them."

Director Joshua Butler also teased an upcoming pairing, not so subtly confirming that an "epic kiss" would be happening in episode 5x07.

If only we knew who!

Could Haleb be getting the reunion we want after coming back together in episode 5×05? Or will this be the Ali and Caleb kiss we keep hearing about?

Prepare yourselves Liars, Season 5 will return on June 10 on ABC Family at 8PM ET.