A man was confused when parents at a public beach scolded him for waking up their sleeping baby during his marriage proposal.

"My girlfriend and I have been dating for two years. We sensed that both of us were okay with marriage. I was thinking of proposing on our anniversary but my girlfriend did it first," he wrote on Reddit.

The proposal took place on a public beach.

"There was a family near us, a couple and a small baby. I've never seen a baby that small brought to the beach. The baby looked like a newborn. My girlfriend proposed and despite knowing our stance on marriage, I was happy, excited and surprised. My answer was 'HELL YEAH,'" he continued.

In his excitement, the man woke up the sleeping baby and it started crying.

"It was so awkward. I apologized, but the couple were mad, they looked like new parents and didn't want their baby to cry because they didn't know how to make the baby stop. They said I shouldn't be that loud when I know that a sleeping baby is near me, because I am not the first person to get married," he recalled.

The man retorted that they "shouldn't have brought a baby to a place like this and get mad if the baby was woken up."

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Users supported the man in the comments, with many arguing he did nothing wrong.

"Playing in the sand is fun regardless of age, and although parents with a baby can be tired and need some time when the baby is sleeping you had just gotten proposed to! The baby is in public at a beach, things happen! Congrats," one person wrote.

"You can't take a baby to a public place and then get upset when it gets woken up. Actions have consequences. Is everyone at a public place supposed to be quiet for their precious baby? You did nothing wrong," another chimed in.

"Babies need to get used to noise around them or parents would have real trouble. You can't tiptoe around them or nothing would get done," someone else commented.

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