Watch your back, Beyonce's legs. Sleep with one eye open, advocates of Harriet Tubman. As of this morning, Raven-Symone is a rightful member of The View's daily panel, and mid-morning TV programming officially became a little less safe.

On today's broadcast, Whoopi Goldberg — who's been a co-host of the show for nearly eight years — announced that frequent guest host Raven had earned a permanent spot next to Nicolle Wallace, Rosie Perez and herself. As confetti rained down from the ceiling, officially signifying the shift, the consummate comedian couldn't hide her elation.

"I am so happy!" Raven remarked as she assumed her seat and dealt out gifts to her new co-workers: chips and watermelon for Whoopi, a tres leches cake for Rosie and a heaping plate of chocolate for Nicolle.

"I remember coming to show with the Cheetah Girls when I was 15," she noted amid the celebration. "I'm very happy to be sitting with these smart, talented mentors."

"You guys, let's have some fun!" she concluded.

Though popular, Raven has certainly drummed up some controversy during her time on the show. In May, she canvassed against a movement that sought to make abolitionist and Underground Railroad hero Harriet Tubman the face of the $20 bill. Then, as recently as Monday (June 8), Raven insisted that Beyonce needs to "put some pants on" and added "I think there does need to be some class in the female pop world."

What do you think of The View's choice to add Raven in a regular role? Tell us if you're more likely to tune in, or if you'll be keeping your distance.