Rebecca Black became a household name after her viral video for "Friday" premiered on YouTube back in 201. Although the music video has gone down in Internet history as one of the most ridiculous releases of all time, the jokes and criticism didn't stop Black from achieving her dreams of becoming a pop artist.

As the budding singer-songwriter continued to grow up over the past six years, she used the same online platform that launched her as a once-ridiculed YouTube hopeful and turned it into an uplifting music and lifestyle go-to. With 1.3 million followers and counting, those who stuck by her side saw Black not only come into her own as a young woman, but develop her skills as a speaker, singer and overall performer. And yes, some of her videos are still pretty hilarious... though this time on purpose.

Despite the popularity she's received for her lifestyle clips, she still wanted to make music. Now, she's doing it: In 2017, she released a new single called "Heart Full of Scars," and her EP, RE/BL, releases on Friday, September 15.

We had the chance to ask Black for her advice on crossing the, well, great divide from being a YouTuber to a proper pop star. See her tips in the gallery up top!