The success of their apps considered, Kylie and Kendall Jenner have proven to be fantasy BFFs for many young women. Rebel Wilson is not among them.

Today (November 4), in an interview with an Australia's KIIS 1065, the comedian said she previously turned down an opportunity to work alongside the sisters, and that they and the Kardashians represent everything she's come to loathe about the entertainment industry. Woah.

"’s just that everything they stand for is against everything I stand for." she said, and added she rejected an opportunity to present with Kylie and Kendall at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards. "And they’re not famous for talent."

Wilson clarified that she's got nothing personally against the famous family, but whereas she and other actors paid their dues en route to the limelight, Kylie & Co. never had to. The actress has studied at the Australian Theater for Young People and trained with Second City.

"It’s not that you hate any of them individually," she said. "...they’re not famous for talent. I worked really hard to get where I’ve gotten to."

"I mean how Kim Kardashian got famous from the sex tape and I just went to acting school and worked really hard," she concluded.

Agree with Rebel about the Kardashians, or is she being a little too harsh? Sound off on her remarks in the Komments.

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