Rihanna is a hair chameleon, changing her look with incredible frequency. We dunno how her strands survive, what, with all the extensions, cuts, colors and more, other than with a super rich, deep conditioning mask. That said, she's ditched the mullet in favor of a bob with bangs.

It's a cute look, and "cute" is not a descriptor normally associated with the sexy 'What Now' singer.

What's this? Rihanna as the girl-next-door? That's the vibe she's putting out in this snap and we are picking it up.

Here she is again, laying down, messing up her new, flirty coif. It's decidedly Parisian and reminds us of Selena Gomez's recent foray, albeit via a wig, into a blunt cut.

PopCrushers and Navy, what do you guys think of Rihanna's new coif? We think that you shouldn't get used to it, since she's probably already thought about how she wants to follow this look up.