Rihanna and several thousands of her friends put their glasses up in the video for 'Cheers (I'll Drink to That).' The song is a chill, reggae and island-inspired jam about letting the Jameson sink in and not letting the bastards get you down and the video reflects that. The video culls footage from RiRi's recently wrapped Loud tour so there are plenty of glimpses of her rock hard body and those high-waisted shorts that she pairs with a bikini top.

That live footage is spliced together with clips of her running around backstage with a flip cam, getting on airplanes, putting on her makeup and driving in a convertible, with her brown curls blowing in the wind. Avril Lavigne, who appears on the song, contributing a nasally "Yeah yeah yeah yeah" sample, has a cameo in the vid that amounts to about three scenes. We see Av holding up a red plastic solo cup, presumably filled with a liquid that makes you want to say 'Cheers,' and we see her diving in a pool, having a grand old time, too.

This is probably the most candid and loose we've seen RiRi as she goes bar hopping and slices open a coconut. She's not overly glammed out and she shows a regular girl side of herself in the bar scenes where she's bro'ing down with her boys. It's quite a stark contrast to her controversial 'Man Down' video, which saw her exacting vigilante justice on a man who wronged her. Again, that video fit the song, as is the case here.

If there was ever a song and a video that was designed for blowing off some Friday night steam at happy hour, it's 'Cheers (I'll Drink to That).' It's like Rihanna is your own personal drinking buddy.

We sort of expected her bestie Katy Perry to show up in a shot or two, but it didn't happen. Maybe next time. Perry did tweet about the video, though, posting: "@rihanna #Cheers is gonna go #1 for sure! Just like Only Girl! I'm betting shots of patron in Brazil on it NOW! I drink to dat!"

Watch the Rihanna 'Cheers (I'll Drink to That)' Video