Are Rihanna and Chris Brown (aka ChRihanna) trying to tell us something, like, say, the status of their relationship is none of our bidness? The duo's duet 'Nobody's Business' has hit the web and it's got a '70s-inspired beat. But beyond that, it's also coyly suggestive about their status and rife with dual meaning.

The song, which appears on RiRi's 'Unapologetic,' won't do anything to dispel rampant rumors that they are a couple behind the scenes. Perhaps they both get some sort of satisfaction out of denying it -- but a song like this stokes the flames of rumors.

When RiRi sings, "You’ll always be my boy / I’ll always be your girl / It ain’t nobody’s business / But mine and my baby," that seems like a declaration and an affirmation to us. Go ahead, ChRiRi. Deny it. Just like you always do. We'll keep on disbelieving you.

Rihanna had said that the song was her response to people having an insane curiosity and fascination with her personal life. Yeah, well having your infamous ex-boyfriend (who appears to be your current boyfriend), drop vocals on a track isn't really a way to put a stop to people's curiosity about what's going on between your sheets.

Listen to Rihanna + Chris Brown, 'Nobody's Business