Rihanna x Shakira? You bet! The song, 'Can't Remember to Forget You,' drops Jan. 13. It was initially revealed to be landing on Jan. 14, but RiRi tweeted it's coming a day early.

It's Shakira's new single from her upcoming RCA album and it features Rihanna, to clarify. Pitbull actually spilled the beans about the collabo, since he had targeted RiRi for his smash 'Timber' initially but she was tied up with Shak. Not that way, either!

That's some powerhouse pop divadom on one song. We're going lose our minds and forget to remember. Or remember to forget!

Whatever. Shihanna or Rikira is on its way.

Rihanna is enjoying a No. 1 smash right now in the form of 'The Monster,' her second collabo with Eminem, following 'Love the Way You Lie.' We didn't think they could top their previous effort, but fans and radio love the track, sending it right to No. 1 for many weeks. It's worth noting that 'Timber,' the song Pit wanted RiRi for, is lodged at No. 2. So if she had done that song, she'd had two hits battling for No. 1.

Even so, she was meant to work with Shak and we're dying to hear it.

Below is RiRi's tweet about the track landing in a week.