Rihanna teased us with a clip of the video campaign she worked on with Dior last month, but now we get to see the full version of the visual.

Directed by Steven Klein, the Secret Garden video takes us beyond Rihanna walking up the steps in a palace in Versailles. Instead, we see that she isn't lost in the large and ornate estate but actually the one who owns it all. Casually strolling around the palace grounds in a number of couture looks including a silver shimmering dress to a scarlet red number that we see her running through one of the rooms. Despite how beautiful and, at times, elaborate these pieces are, Rihanna easily carries them with grace and owns each and every look -- as we knew she would.

Toward the end of the video, we see aerial shots of the gardens in front of the palace and Rihanna dressed in white running toward the large fountain. Then when we think she's being chased, she stops to twirl and dance around. The film ends with her strutting through a corridor in a the long-sleeved sequin number holding a Dior box clutch.

Klein expressed nothing but good things about the "American Oxygen" songstress. “Rihanna’s mystery and intrigue combined with her razor sharp looks and sensibility, are the essential, perfect elements to create the stage for Secret Garden,” he said in a statement (via The Huffington Post).

See the full video above.

Out of all the outfits RiRi donned in this short film, which one was your favorite?

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