Rihanna is taking her role as a 'Princess of China' literally in her upcoming video for the Coldplay collaboration. She looks every bit the heiress to a throne!

Clad in a flowy white jumpsuit (or is it a dress?) with a plunging neckline and white wooden platform shoes, RiRi looks the part of an Eastern royal. Her blond locks are obscured by a long black wig, fashioned into a perfect ponytail. She sports red and blue eye makeup and dark lipstick, completing her look with small gold hoop earrings.

The look is still bold -- this is Rihanna, after all -- but it's a more ethereal look than the previous number she donned in the shoot, which was described as "gangsta goth geisha." This ensemble is much lighter, airier and gentler than the severe, dark looks she sports elsewhere in the clip.

Based on what we've seen so far, we can't wait to see the video, just to see how it all comes together! Check out more shots from 'Princess of China' below.