A divorce is never easy, even if you're young, rich and gorgeous. Katy Perry is no exception. Friends say that despite being all smiles at her first public outing since her split with Russell Brand, the 'Firework' singer is actually down in the dumps. Luckily, her bestie Rihanna is there to lift her up!

Perry's pals told Hollywood Life that Perry is still "devastated" by the split, despite her displays of defiance: unfollowing Brand on Twitter, eliminating him from her live footage and removing her wedding ring.

However, the sources said that Perry's busy schedule is helping her from sinking too deeply into depression. Her recent stint of shows in Indonesia helped her "get away from the drama," and her appearance at BFF Markus Molinari's party was good as a brief temporary distraction from her broken heart.

Another lifesaver? None other than her pal Rihanna. “Katy’s friends are doing everything they can to help keep her happy and just be there to listen to her,” a source said. “Rihanna has been unbelievable and checks up on her every day and even invited her on a trip. Katy even asked Rihanna to meet her in Vegas and be there with her.”

While RiRi had work commitments and couldn't make it, we're sure she was there in spirit. We're glad Perry has pals she can count on during her times of crisis. Maybe it's about time they booked that vacation!