Rihanna took to Instagram today (March 5) to post a snippet of a brand new track. The song, called "Higher," has a really cool, retro vibe to it and is a bit of a departure from her typical R&B sound. It's in a similar vein as the track she collaborated on with Paul McCartney and Kanye West, "FourFiveSeconds." It maintains that same sense of attitude that we're used to from Rihanna, but there's a vulnerability in it that kind of harkens back to her soulful ballad "Stay."

The lyrics are, "This whiskey got me feelin' pretty / So pardon if I'm impolite / I just really need your ass with me," and then the song cuts off there, because of course it does. The caption to the snippet says, "5 am drunk off da whiskey with these two rockstars @officialkukharrell @djanser !!! These guys always hold me down even at the craziest hours! We've made every album since #GoodGirlGoneBad together! The family!!! One Love #R8." We're not sure what direction her new album is headed in, sound-wise, but considering how different everything we've heard sounds so far, we're really excited. Rihanna is the type of artist who really evolves and grows her sound with every album, so whatever she has in store for us is bound to be fantastic.

We're all dying for new music from Rihanna, and the sooner we get it the better! In the meantime, we'll continue listening to this 25-second-clip on repeat until we hear it even in our dreams. We implore you to do the same.

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