While in New Zealand, Rihanna added to her ever-growing tattoo collection. But this was not an ordinary inking. The 'Stay' songstress got a ta moko (or moko) tattoo on her hand, which is the style of a group of indigenous people in New Zealand and has a rough, raised appearance due to how it is crafted.

It's a body marking process done by the Maori people. The tattoo is created by tapping chisels with a mallet, which creates grooves, as opposed to ink being injected under the skin like a regular ol' tattoo.

She got the tattoo on her right paw. It's the same hand as her previous moko tattoo, which is a dragon claw. The singer got that tatt in the same country back in 2008.

It looks and sounds painful, as you can see and hear in the video clip.

Rihanna, wearing a hoodie, is seated while her hand is being worked on. Check out her red, dagger nails as the tattoo artists tap the needle into her hand. She doesn't appear to be comfortable at all, since she looks away and wiggles, and then looks up at the sky with her eyes closed.

That RiRi is one tough cookie. By most accounts, this is the most painful way to get a tattoo, but being able to endure the pain earns a level of respect among collectors. The end result is raised, as opposed to flat and smooth.

The finished photo is here. See a composite of the process here.

Rihanna has roughly 20 tattoos sprinkled all over her body. This one represents a pretty major commitment, since it's on her hand and fingers and won't be easy to hide or cover up. A lot of her other etchings are small and easy to conceal. This one? Eh, not so much!

But it is certainly visually arresting.