Few pop stars party as hard as Rihanna. But like her fellow pop divas, RiRi is prone to sharing lots and lots of images of her exploits and offstage antics with her fans. The 'Where Have You Been' singer has been on vacation in St. Tropez and she shared plenty of photos of the good times on a yacht with her beloved Rihanna Navy.

In one shot, Ri and her pals are snapped with NBA legend Magic Johnson. Maybe he was teaching RiRi some jumpshot pointers in between soaking up the sun's rays. In another, she's making like a fish, sucking in her cheeks and pouting her lips while in the sun with the hashtag #phuckyodiet. We're guessing she's not a fan of diets.

There's also an image of RiRi being all kinds of playful and candid. It looks like she is hiding behind a shower curtain. Then there is that gorgeous view from the bow of the boat. Look at that gorgeous blue water. She shared the images via her highly trafficked Twitter feed.

We want to party with RiRi on the islands, with the sun kissing our skin while wearing itsy bitsy teeny weenie bikinis.

The Bajan beauty is an island girl, which is why she looks so at home and happy soaking up the sun. She also works her butt off, so she is in need of and deserving of a vacation. Even pop princesses need a day or six off.

The photos also remind us of her 'Where Have You Been' vid, where she does play a bit of an aquatic creature and a nymph in several scenes.

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