Did you know that Rihanna -- fashion icon, pop star and all around beautiful person -- used to save kittens? Neither did we.

Rihanna and her co-star Jim Parsons are currently on a whirlwind promotional tour in support of their upcoming movie Home. And while most interviews focus on the movie (rightfully so!), every now and then you get some personal information from the interviewees that you otherwise never would have known. Such is the case with Rihanna and those aforementioned kittens. According to an interview the two did with Buzzfeed, where they played a game of Never Have I Ever, Rihanna revealed that she's a huge fan of the baby animals and has been since she was a little girl.

She said, "I used to save these kittens — we had stray kittens in the street but they weren’t really stray, they belonged to a home they were just never at that home. So they were just like community cats kind of, and they would go in the gutters to have their babies and I would hear them crying, go rescue them, give them a little shower with my hair conditioner, keep ‘em in a bucket, feed them."

Rihanna went on to explain why she chose to bathe them in conditioner, saying, "I felt like they needed to be clean. There was like moss and ringworms and you gotta [clean them]. It wouldn’t last more than a night because I’d do it in the night and my mom would kick them out in the morning. She didn’t like cats. I love them! And I would go rescue one every time a mother gave birth."

Maybe that's why she gets along so well with Katy Perry.

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