Rihanna's custom Dior gown left passersby speechless at last week's Diamond Ball, but for the enduring pop star, the garment was simply par for the course.

Since RiRi took to pop music in 2005, and began attending the events that followed, she's made a point to err on the side of style-boldness. Sure, her look has evolved over the years — bejeweled bikinis in Barbados have given way to more regal dresses and suits, but one thing that hasn't changed is her sense of daring. Whether Rihanna's going casual — adorned in some ripped boyfriend jeans and a cropped T-shirt — or pushing for full-blown glam, she can be counted on to put on a show.

Above, we've collected what we see as Rihanna's most iconic looks: Some are suited for trips to the Jacuzzi, others, for afternoons in the Russian Tea Room. She's proven to have an absolute sense of style, and though the verdict's still out on Anti, we can count on the fact that her next ensemble will absolutely serve.

Check out some of Rihanna's top-tier style moments in a gallery above, and tell us if you've got a favorite look!

See how Rihanna dazzled the Diamond Ball red carpet:

Do you really know Rihanna? Test your running Riri knowledge: