Snakes on a plane? Nah, it's snakes on Rihanna's head!

The sexy singer, known for her topless antics on Instagram, covers the December 2013 issue of British GQ, looking like Medusa. She is topless, with her strategically placed arms covering her chest. Her famous underboob tattoo is in full view.

With her creepy, hazel-hued contact lenses (which give off a cat-eyed look), a pile of (likely CGI) snakes on her head and one very thick serpent wrapped around her neck, there is a sultriness to the shot. But that's par for the course with anything that our girl RiRi does.

It's also terrifying -- since snakes, you know, can kill. But for Rihanna, they're accessories.

RiRi is gracing the mag's 25th anniversary, and she looks like a woman possessed. The snake around her neck may be real. Or it may be the work of clever graphic designers. Whatever the case, the singer once again covers a magazine in memorable fashion and without much in the way of clothing.

Another snake photo is here.